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7-Keto, a metabolite of the hormone DHEA, supplies all the benefits of DHEA without the side effects.** These benefits include:

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What is 7-Keto?

7-Keto is one of the 150 metabolites that are broken down from DHEA (Dehydreopiandrosterone), a hormone produced by the adrenal gland. 7-Keto is the metabolite believed to be most responsible for DHEA benefits.** Of interest to those pursuing healthy weight management goals, it has thermogenic properties that may optimize metabolism and encourage fat-burning for energy.** One theory suggests that the age-related decline of the metabolite triggers weight gain, and that by boosting DHEA levels we may restore peak-performing metabolism for better weight management and athletic performance.**

7-Keto is believed to start naturally declining in the body around age 30, just like its parent compound, DHEA.** Blood levels on average drop by about 50% by the time we turn 50. Supplements are often taken to restore youthful hormone levels as an anti-aging strategy.** By reversing age-related 7-Keto decline, supplementation is thought to promote youthful resting metabolic rate, thereby helping to support good body composition and healthy weight management.** 7-Keto's benefits have made it a popular ingredient in many nutritional supplements.

7-Keto Supplements

7-Keto supplementation is thought to become increasingly significant as we age. By replenishing this metabolite of an important "youthful" hormone, supplementation may promote hormone balance, libido, endurance, and memory.** DHEA also benefits immune system wellness.**

7-Keto Directions for Use

Always consult with your health care provider before starting any nutritional supplement regimen. The generally recommended dosage is 50 mg to 7-Keto 100mg, twice per day. Taking before bedtime may be counterindicated in those who are prone to sleep issues.**