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The frontrunner of aromatherapy, lavender oil has been treasured for generations thanks to its spectrum of benefits. In addition to encouraging calm tranquility and sound rest, lavender oil can:

  • Promote skin and hair health**

  • Help balance emotions and uplift moods**

  • Help ease occasional stress and tension**

Read more about Lavender Oil

What is Lavender?

Perhaps one of the most popular essential oils used in aromatherapy, lavender (Lavandula officinalis) has been revered and utilized for its wellness benefits for over 2,500 years. The name stems from the Latin word lavare (“to wash”) and stretches back to the time of the Romans, who used the fragrant flower as a scent for their baths to purify the body and spirit—though by then the plant had already well-received its reputation!

Native to the sunny, mountainous rises of the Mediterranean, this rich blue-violet flower can be found flourishing throughout the United States, Australia and southern Europe. Its oil is extracted using steam distillation of the familiar flowers, and its woody, camphor-like aroma can be found in many perfume, potpourri and beauty products in addition to its beloved essential oil form.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil owes its popularity to more than just its nostalgic aroma. When inhaled, it instills feelings of serene tranquility and peace, making it a favorite meditative and rest aid. The compounds of lavender help to promote full-body ease, help uplift cloudy moods and dispel occasional tension and stress.

Blending essential oils opens up a world of aromatherapy possibilities! Other oils that complement lavender oil’s famous fragrance include: basil, black pepper, cinnamon, clary sage, cypress, eucalyptus, jasmine, juniper berry, lime, peppermint, pine, rosemary, sage, spruce, and white camphor oils.

PipingRock's pure Lavender Oil is available in 1/2 oz., 2 oz. & 16 oz. bottles.

Lavender Oil Directions for Use

Add 3-5 drops of Lavender Oil to a diffuser or vaporizer, to a bowl of steaming water or a hot bath to fill a room with its floral scent. To use topically, add ~5 drops of Lavender Oil to ~10 mL of any PipingRock carrier oil.

Lavender Oil is for external use only and should be diluted in a carrier oil such as sweet almond, jojoba, grapeseed or avocado oil before being used topically. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. Always consult your trusted physician before adding any essential oil to your regimen, especially if you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications. Discontinue use and alert your doctor should an adverse reaction occur. Keep out of reach of children and away from eyes and mouth. Essential oils are flammable.