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Allergy and sinus supplements help support the sinuses and immune system.** Popular during seasonal changes, supplements:

  • Encourage sinus wellness**

  • Feature antioxidants**

  • Contain various botanicals that may assist with allergy/sinus health**

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What are Allergies & Sinuses?

Allergies occur when the immune system responds to a minor irritant such as dust or pet dander, commonly known as an allergen, with a disproportionately strong reaction. This oversensitive response, which results in the release of histamines, leads to allergy symptoms.

Approximately 50 million people in the United States have some form of allergies. Of this group, 40 million Americans have seasonal allergies, also referred to as indoor/outdoor allergies, as their most prominent allergy. Other kinds of allergies include skin, food and insect allergies.

Sinuses are hollow spaces in the head located near the nasal cavity. When an allergic reaction is triggered, it can lead to sinus discomfort. Seasonal changes can also result in sinus pressure.

Allergy/Sinus Supplements

The most popular allergy supplements and sinus supplements include:

  • Probiotics: These beneficial microorganisms, commonly referred to as “good bacteria,” help with allergy and sinus issues by encouraging a healthy immune system by encouraging overall digestive wellness.**
  • Quercetin: A flavonoid antioxidant present in numerous fruits and vegetables, quercetin is helpful in influencing the histamines that trigger allergic reactions and related sinus issues.**
  • Bromelain: Often paired with quercetin, bromelain is an enzyme extract sourced from pineapples that has exhibited an ability to support sinus health.**
  • Grape Seed Extract: Derived from the seeds of grapes, this compound has notable antioxidant activity, which helps to counteract damaging oxidative stress.** The extract also has qualities that may support healthy responses to allergies and sinus issues.**
  • Honey/Bee Pollen: Traditionally used in various wellness practices around the world, these two bee products have long been valued for allergy and sinus support.** Honey and bee pollen may also support optimal immune function.**
  • Omega-3s: Among the most important of the essential fatty acids, omega-3s are integral to overall wellness and must come from external sources, such as salmon, flax, olive oil and supplements.** Due to their immune-supporting properties, omega-3s may promote a healthy response to allergens.**

Additional allergy/sinus support products include neti pots and other nasal irrigators, devices common in wellness practices such as Ayurveda that flush out and cleanse the nose and sinuses. Saline sprays also offer natural nasal irrigation. Humidifiers in home or office environments can also be effective, since they increase moisture levels in the nose and sinuses.

Sinus/allergy supplements are available in a wide range of forms. Allergy/sinus supplements are most commonly sold as capsules, tablets or liquids. Herbal teas may also offer allergy/sinus support. Neti pots, nasal irrigators and saline sprays are other options, though those who don’t care for the sensations involved in the cleansing process may prefer supplements, teas, or humidifiers.

Allergy/Sinus Support Supplement Directions for Use

Consult with your health professional before taking allergy/sinus supplements or beginning any supplement regimen. There is no standard suggested dosage, and supplements vary greatly in amounts of specific ingredients.