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Black Cherry, available in both liquid and supplement form, supplies high antioxidant activity.** It promotes soothing joint comfort by modulating inflammation and may:**

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What is Black Cherry?

Did you know that the humble black cherry is actually a member of the rose family? Black cherries are more than just wonderful in jams, ice cream, pies, and as a garnish in your favorite cocktail: they are an excellent source of powerful antioxidants that help to neutralize the damaging, age-accelerating effects of free radicals.**

Black cherries may supply far more nutritional benefits than antioxidant activity alone, however. New research into the health benefits of black cherries has discovered that there are certain properties of all cherries which seem to help modulate inflammation and inhibit inflammatory pathways. A 2003 study found that black cherry was associated with a reduction of CRP (C-reactive protein) in the bloodstream, which is an inflammatory bio-marker.**

Black cherries have been found to support joint comfort, thanks to their inflammation-modulating and antioxidant properties. A high concentration of antioxidants known as anthocyanins, which give black cherries their deep, rich color, have been found to help reduce levels of the uric acid that is strongly associated with joint discomfort.**

Additional research into the benefits of black cherries has revealed the fruit can be used as a sleep aid, possibly due to its melatonin content. A study appearing in the Journals of Gerontology discovered that ingesting black cherries before bed led to improvements in the ability to both fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer periods of time. These benefits, backed by emerging research, have sparked a surge in the popularity of black cherry nutritional supplement products in recent years.**

Black Cherry Products

Supplementation with black cherry extract or black cherry juice from concentrate has grown commonplace. This is due to black cherries’ ability to modulate inflammation and counteract damaging free radicals within the human body, reducing oxidative stress, maintaining healthy immune function, optimizing cardiovascular function and supporting healthy aging. Black cherry supplements may be a good choice for promoting overall health.**

Black Cherry Directions for Use

Black cherry supplements range from 750 mg capsules filled with black cherry extract to 1 fluid ounce of liquid black cherry concentrate. Always consult with your primary health care provider before taking black cherries or starting any nutritional supplement regimen.**