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Cranberry supplements promote urinary tract health and optimize bladder health as well as:**

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What is Cranberry?

Scientifically known as Vaccinium macrocarpon, cranberry is an evergreen shrub native to the United States and Canada that, like blueberries and huckleberries, belongs to the heather (Ericaceae) family. Often grown in bogs that can be flooded for easy harvesting, the bush yields small berries that turn red when ripe. Cranberries have a taste that is tart and intense, with both bitter and slightly sweet flavor notes. While cranberries are sold whole and fresh, they are most popular as juice, sauces, dried fruit, and as cranberry supplements.**

Natives of North America have used tart red berries for centuries as dye, food, and in their traditional health practices. Colonists eventually discovered cranberries, and later utilized the vitamin C-rich fruit on sea voyages to prevent sailors from getting scurvy. Though the cranberry industry faltered during the early 1900s, it rebounded later in the century, with the fruit becoming more popular than ever in the new millennium.**

The resurgence of cranberries has much to do with their numerous health benefits, especially their famous association with urinary tract wellness. Extensive research suggests that cranberry supplements support urinary tract health, especially in women who are more inclined to have urinary tract problems. Both the fruit's antioxidant and antibacterial activity are linked to its renowned support for bladder health, urinary tract health and urinary comfort.**

Packed with a range of powerful antioxidant polyphenols, including proanthocyanidins, the berry is also regarded as a potent scavenger of age-accelerating free radicals. Further research has suggested cranberry supplements may hold the potential to promote dental and digestive wellness, along with overall health, particularly during the aging process.**

Cranberry Products

Cranberry supplements are sourced from the fruit itself. While many supplements feature the concentrate of the whole fruit, some contain only the juice. Sold in a variety of forms, cranberry supplements are available as capsules, softgels and tablets, as well as a liquid. For those seeking to avoid the sugar found in many juices and foods and/or the fruit's distinctive tart taste, cranberry supplements provide a good alternative.**

Cranberry Supplements Directions for Use

Consult with your physician before taking starting any nutritional supplementation. There is no standard cranberry dosage, but supplements are offered in a wide range of levels, typically from 250 mg to 15,000 mg.**