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Natural foot care products soothe irritation, hydrate skin and relieve cracking with pure, botanical ingredients.** They also work to:

  • Maintain healthy, smooth feet.**

  • Moisturize and nourish feet.**

  • Reduce foot discomfort and itching.**

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What are Foot Care Products?

About three-quarters of the population experiences foot discomfort at some time in their lives. Given the foot’s intricate structure – 33 joints, 26 bones and 120 nerves, ligaments and muscles – and the fact that the average person takes about 10,000 steps per day, it’s not surprising that feet often experience itching, flaking, cracked skin and unpleasant odors. Other common foot issues include heel cracking, corns, calluses and fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. Foot care products made from botanical ingredients provide a natural way to enhance and maintain healthy feet, promoting comfort, cleanliness and attractiveness.**

Some of the most popular natural foot care products are:

  • Foot Repair Cream: When delivered in a cream, certain botanicals can soothe feet, adding needed moisture and protecting against rough patches and cracking. Foot creams containing topical analgesics such as menthol – a compound that comes from mint plants – have a cooling effect on the skin that eases foot itching and irritation. Foot repair creams with aloe vera, a succulent plant prized in folk medicine traditions for centuries, may also help to speed healing, offering significant relief to dry, irritated feet.**
  • Cracked Skin Repair Cream: Heel cracking, also known as heel fissures, is sometimes experienced by those who live in dry climates, frequently wear sandals, or are overweight. Foot care creams with shea butter and dimethicone can address deep cracks in feet – replacing lost moisture, smoothing and soothing skin while forming a protective barrier that helps seal in hydration. Creams containing allantoin, a naturally occurring phytochemical, also help to speed healing of rough patches and cracks, promoting smooth and soft feet.**
  • Callus Cream: Corns and calluses arise when skin on the feet is repeatedly rubbed by tight or ill-fitting shoes, high heels, or toes rubbing together. Over time, the skin thickens around the spot, creating layers of hardened skin that may be dry, flaky, itchy, or painful. Callus creams help to hydrate corns and calluses, softening hardened skin and relieving itching and flaking.**
  • Anti-Fungal Liquid: Among the most common foot problems, athlete’s foot or Tinea pedis is caused by a fungal infection. Often, athlete’s foot causes fissures, scaling, redness, itching, dry skin and blisters. Liquids that contain antifungal compounds, such as tolnaftate, help kill the fungus and stop the infection. Antimicrobials such as tea tree oil also have an antifungal effect; studies show that this aromatic oil inhibits growth of bacteria and yeast on the feet, helping to alleviate unpleasant odors.**
  • Toenail Softening Cream: Brittle toenails, which often arise from fungal issues, can be unsightly and difficult to trim. Softening creams often combine antifungals like tolnaftate with botanicals such as tea tree oil and aloe. When applied to brittle nails, these creams have a softening effect that enables easier nail trimming while supporting healthier, more beautiful nails.**

Foot Care Products

Foot care products are typically available in cream, lotion, liquid and gel form.**

Foot Care Product Directions for Use

There is no set dosage; always consult a healthcare provider before starting supplementation.**