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PipingRock’s collection of Glycerine Soaps are gentle, all-over cleansing bars, most of which are enhanced with the delightful aroma of essential oils. Glycerine Soap Bars are:

  • Great for the hands, face, and body.

  • All-natural and non-drying.

  • Vegan and GMO-free with no animal testing.

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What is Glycerine Soap?

Glycerine Soap contains glycerol, which is a component of vegetable oils. Glycerine is actually a by-product of soap making, created when water and lye are combined and saponifies, resulting in 2 parts soap and 1 part Glycerine. When solid soap is refined and sugar and alcohol are added while impurities are carefully removed, your result is Glycerine Soap!

The process of making Glycerine Soap has been well-known in the western world since 1857. The resulting bars are translucent, but are also often combined with food-grade food coloring and essential or fragrance oils to enhance the finished product.

PipingRock Glycerine Soap:

PipingRock’s collection of Glycerine Soap bars are a gentle option for luxurious all-over cleansing for the hands, face, and body. Our Glycerine Soaps are all-natural and non-drying, made from saponified vegetable oils to be Vegan, GMO-free, and were not tested on animals. All fragrances are created with the finest quality essential oils for a spa-like experience every time.

Directions for Use:

Glycerine Bar Soap is cleansing for the face, hands, and body, and can be used in the sink, bath, or shower. Glycerine Liquid Soap can be kept by the sink and pumped into the hands for use.