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Glycine is an amino acid closely associated with serine and creatine. The nutrient plays a number of important biological roles in the body and mind such as:

  • Optimizing healthy cognition**

  • Promoting cellular health**

  • Supporting for sports nutrition**

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What is Glycine?

A protein precursor, glycine is a notably small amino acid. This relatively simple structure gives it versatility to fitting in with longer protein chains that can be used by the body. It is deemed non-essential since it can be created from the related amino acid serine, but is nonetheless crucial for various health-enhancing biological functions.**

As a neurotransmitter, the amino acid has a critical role in the central nervous system, particularly in processing sensory and motor information that allows movement, hearing and vision. The compound assists in building DNA and RNA, the genetic foundations of the body's cells. It also helps to form collagen, the main protein in connective tissues, including ligaments, tendons and skin, suggesting support for flexibility, mobility and beauty applications.**

Research has indicated that glycine encourages healthy metabolism as well as energy production on the cellular level. These qualities have led to increased interest among athletes. It also contributes to forming creatine, a popular amino acid for bodybuilders. Its potential as a sports nutrition supplement has been reinforced by the belief that it may enhance production of human growth hormone.**

Widely present in the central nervous system, especially the brain, glycine has been used to sharpen memory and promote peak-performing cognition. It has been studied for its ability to promote mental and emotional balance. The amino acid has also been researched for its role as a sleep aid, with investigations noting that it appears to improve the quality of rest in those with sleep challenges.**

Further studies have shown that that this amino acid helps to modulate inflammatory and immune responses for overall health support, and may act as an antioxidant that protects the kidneys and liver.**

Glycine Supplements

Glycine is contained in meat, fish, legumes and dairy, and increasing consumption of these foods can elevate the body's levels of this amino acid. Available as capsules and powders, the nutrient may be offered in vegetarian varieties. Formulas featuring the compound often also include other amino acids and are intended for use with weightlifting and intense exercise. These products present therapeutic amounts that are higher than mere dietary levels.**

Glycine Directions for Use

Talk to your health care provider prior to taking this nutrient or starting any routine supplementation. Though there is no set recommended dose, capsules are generally 500 to 1,000 mg.**