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Natural hand care products hydrate, soothe and nourish skin, promoting soft, smooth and attractive hands without exposing the body to toxic chemicals. Their wellness benefits include:

  • Maintaining hydrated & healthy hands, nails and cuticles**

  • Reducing cracking, redness, flaking and irritation**

  • Supplying antibacterial and antimicrobial botanicals**

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What are Hand Health Products?

Unlike skin on the face and body – which is often protected by sunscreen and clothing – skin on the hands is regularly exposed to sun, wind, heat and cold, making this part of the body one of the first places to show the signs of aging. Over the years, exposure to sunlight and the elements leads to thinning skin, brown spots, scaling, wrinkles and dry, rough skin.**

In addition, frequent hand washing – especially with products that contain harsh detergents and synthetics – may expose the skin to age-accelerating free radicals. Exposure to the toxins and chemicals in many non-natural hand care products has also been linked to contact dermatitis, or red, itchy, irritated skin. Some synthetic products may lead to dry hands, as well. When skin on the hands becomes extremely dehydrated, it may even begin to crack painfully.**

Harsh chemicals often included in hand soaps and lotions include sodium laureth sulfate, a lathering agent and known skin and eye irritant that’s been found to increase the skin’s reaction to other allergens; cocamide and lauramide DEA, a potential carcinogen that accumulates in organs when applied to the skin; paraben, a preservative and carcinogen; and triclosan, a synthetic antibacterial that may interfere with the thyroid and endocrine system.**

Hand care products sourced from botanical ingredients offer a natural way to maintain hand health and beauty without increasing toxic load or causing irritation. Natural hand creams and lotions contain gentle, plant-based ingredients such as aloe vera. When applied to skin, the juice from this succulent plant – long prized in the folk medicine traditions of many tropical regions around the world – soothes inflammation, accelerates healing time and boosts the skin’s natural repair and regrowth process. Aloe leaves contain natural substances known as glycoproteins, which have been found to act as analgesics and inflammation modulators, and polysaccharides, which enhance immune system function and support wound healing.**

Other natural products that speed healing of cracked, dry hands may include allantoin. This naturally occurring phytochemical acts as an emollient, hydrating the hands and sealing moisture into the skin. Studies indicate that allantoin, which is often sourced from the comfrey plant, also soothes rashes, reduces scarring and helps replenish skin’s natural elasticity. Dimethicone, a natural moisturizer that eases inflammatory hand issues such as scaling and flaking, may also be found in hand repair products. Humectants and emollients such as shea butter and mineral oil may also be included to add a luxurious, soft feel to hands.**

Hand Care Products

Hand care products are typically available in cream, lotion and serum form.**

Hand Care Product Directions for Use

There is no set dosage; always consult a medical practitioner before starting supplementation.**