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L-Theanine is renowned for its calming effect. It is typically associated with brain health, supporting sharp cognitive function in addition to:**

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What is L-Theanine?

An amino acid contained primarily in black and green tea, L-Theanine was discovered during the late 1940s and has been extensively researched in recent decades. Functioning similarly to the crucial neurotransmitter glutamate in the body, this free-radical-battling antioxidant compound is able to get through the closely guarded blood-brain barrier. This enables L-Theanine to impart its benefits on aspects of brain health related to mood, memory and cognition.**

Investigations have found that L-Theanine encourages relaxation and tranquility, gently soothing away feelings of worry and anxiety. Notably, the compound’s calming effect does not appear to be associated with daytime drowsiness. Studies have further shown that the compound promotes optimal memory. As the compound supports cognitive health, it also positively affects mood balance. It may also assist in upholding mental clarity during the aging process.**

The amino acid's mind-soothing properties extend to sleep, and help to promote restful slumber. Specific studies have indicated that it helps to prepare those prone to excitability for undisturbed sleep. L-Theanine also appears to have a relationship with caffeine, and may also work against its rest-disrupting, stimulant effects. Other investigations have found that it may work together with caffeine to maximize mental focus and alertness during the day.**

Additional research suggests this amino acid supports immune system health and circulatory health, and may be linked to balanced blood pressure and lipid levels.**

L-Theanine Supplements

L-Theanine supplements are typically produced through a fermentation method similar to the creation of green tea. Most readily available as capsules or tablets, supplements of the compound are occasionally offered in liquid form. The amino acid is sometimes included in sleep and/or calming formulas that may also feature herbs such as valerian, passion flower and hops.**

L-Theanine Directions for Use

Prior to taking L-Theanine in supplemental form or starting any supplement regimen, contact your physician. Capsules and tablets are generally between 100 to 200 mg.**