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L-Tyrosine is an important amino acid for brain health. It assists in creating hormones and neurotransmitters, promoting sharp focus, memory and mental function.** Additionally, L-Tyrosine:

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What is L-Tyrosine?

A key amino acid, L-Tyrosine plays a number of crucial roles in the human body. Converted from another amino acid known as phenylalanine, the compound contributes to the foundation of dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine, all of which function as both neurotransmitters and hormones. This makes L-Tyrosine indispensible to both the nervous and endocrine systems. It is also linked to the creation of most proteins used by the body and aids in making melanin, the pigment in charge of determining skin and hair color.**

Foremost among L-Tyrosine's beneficial health properties is its ability to encourage cognitive wellness in a number of ways. Since the amino acid can permeate the body's highly sensitive blood-brain barrier, it can affect various mental processes. Studies have shown that the compound assists cognitive task performance, particularly under stressful conditions. Other investigations have found that L-Tyrosine supports optimal cognition, including effective memory, in situations involving sleep loss and cold temperatures. The amino acid may influence emotional health as well; research has suggested it may promote a relaxed, calm and positive-minded mood.**

In addition to its support for brain health, cognitive performance and emotional balance, research has indicated that L-Tyrosine may help to uphold normal blood pressure levels already within normal range. The compound additionally holds promise in the area of exercise performance, with studies suggesting its potential to promote endurance and overall physical activity.**

Dietary sources of L-Tyrosine include soy and dairy products, poultry, fish and nuts. Supplementation may benefit those likely to lack sufficient intake of the amino acid, including vegans. L-Tyrosine supplements should always accompany regular exercise and a healthy diet that features fruits, vegetables and lean protein.**

L-Tyrosine Supplements

L-Tyrosine supplements are primarily available as capsules and tablets. The nutrient is sometimes offered in powder form. It can be paired in a formula with B vitamins, which may assist the body in utilizing the compound.**

L-Tyrosine Directions for Use

It is important to consult with your health care provider prior to starting any kind of routine supplementation. Though no suggested dosage has been set, common L-Tyrosine capsule and tablet amounts are between 350 mg and 700 mg per serving.**