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Mangosteen supplies super-antioxidant xanthones, neutralizing age-accelerating free radicals and supporting nutritional anti-aging efforts.** Additionally, mangosteen is known as:

  • A traditional Southeast Asian tonic**

  • An exotic tropical superfruit**

  • A modulator of the body’s inflammatory response**

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What is Mangosteen?

Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is a tropical tree native to islands in the South Pacific that bears an exotic fruit with a purple/dark red exterior and a succulent white interior. Given the relative rarity and highly perishable nature of the fruit, as well as its tart and unique flavor, it is a notably sought-after tropical delicacy. Legend has it that England's Queen Victoria offered a great reward to anyone that could bring her fresh mangosteen. This tale may be why it is sometimes referred to as the "Queen of Fruits."**

In regions of Southeast Asia (especially Thailand), the delicious superfruit has been a staple for generations in traditional wellness practices, with the pericarp (or inner rind) used to assist with various health issues. Unproven folk uses include applications for skin health, wound healing, and digestive wellness.**

Modern scientific research has found that mangosteen contains numerous antioxidant xanthones, including alpha-mangostin and gamma-mangostin, which assist the body in fighting harmful free radicals. In fact, the fruit contains 40 of the 200 xanthones known to science, a remarkably high ratio that suggests this superfruit’s potential in anti-aging protocols.**

In addition to its well-established place as a wellspring of antioxidants, mangosteen has been studied for its antibacterial and cardioprotective qualities. An oral mouthwash containing the fruit’s pericarp was found to help optimize gum health. The fruit is also high in health-enhancing tannins, fiber, polyphenols, vitamin C and other beneficial vitamins.**

Mangosteen Products

Mangosteen supplement products are sourced from the pericarp (rind) or the entire fruit, including the white juicy center. The fruit supplement is generally available in capsule or juice form, and may be standardized to 10% mangostin.**

Mangosteen Directions for Use

Contact your health care provider before starting any routine nutrient supplementation. While there is no standard dosage, mangosteen capsules are often presented at a level of 500 mg.**