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Nattokinase is an enzyme extracted from the fermented soybean dish natto. Nattokinase Supplements help in:

  • Maintain blood pressure already in normal range**

  • Encourage robust, free-flowing circulation**

  • Keep blood vessels flexible and healthy**

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What is Nattokinase?

Nattokinase is a unique enzyme derived from natto, a Japanese food made with fermented soybeans. The dish, which is often eaten for breakfast, has a pungent cheese-like flavor and smell, due to its fermentation process. A popular food in Japan for hundreds of years, natto has been long appreciated for its health benefits. Today, an estimated 236,000 tons of natto are consumed in Japan annually. Natto’s cardioprotective nutritional profile includes 275 different amino acids, vitamin K2 and abundant nattokinase.**

In recent decades, nattokinase has been studied with increasing interest, with scientists focusing on its connections to cardiovascular wellness. Investigations have suggested that the enzyme appears to uphold healthy blood pressure levels in measures of both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Research has also indicated that the compound promotes clear blood flow, possibly due to its ability to dissolve small fibers that may collect and hinder ideal circulation. It helps support blood vessel integrity as well, maintaining the arterial suppleness and pliability that is a key indicator of overall cardiovascular well-being.**

In addition to its well-regarded role in heart health, further studies have suggested that the enzyme has potential in the areas of cognition and aging. As a serine protease variety of enzyme, the compound may modulate key factors linked to optimal cognitive function, particularly in older adults. Specifically, it is believed to help dissolve and clear amyloids, which are harmful protein structures that have been implicated in onset of some degenerative brain issues.**

Nattokinase Supplements

Nattokinase supplement products are sourced from the soybean-based Japanese food natto or a variation of its production process. Supplements of the nutrient are offered as capsules and tablets, often in vegetarian and gluten-free form. Since natto has a strong smell and sour flavor, supplements provide the enzyme's benefits without the distinctive scent or acquired taste.**

Nattokinase Directions for Use

Supplementation with the enzyme should not begin before talking with a health care professional. Capsules and tablets are presented in a wide variety of doses, frequently in the range of 50 mg to 200 mg. The compound may also be presented in measures of fibrinolytic units of activity (FU).**