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Olive Leaf extract supplies the active ingredient oleuropein. It works to support your body's immune system.** In addition, this natural extract:

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What is Olive Leaf?

The olive tree (Olea europaea) has been a central part of Mediterranean life since ancient times with prominence in the mythology, cuisine and traditional wellness practices of various cultures, including those well outside of the region. While flavorful olives themselves, as well as their oil, are most widely known, the tree’s leaves are also highly valued for many health applications. Most famously, olive leaf is regarded as one of the best herbal extracts for supporting robust immune system function.**

Key compounds in olive leaf extract are the polyphenols hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein, which both function as potent antioxidants. These and other beneficial nutrients in the plant extract have led to extensive investigations, particularly in the areas of immune and cardiovascular wellness. The bitter compound oleuropein has been specifically singled out as an integral part of the leaf's health-supporting qualities.**

Olive leaf appears to have a range of biological activities that may support immune system defenses.** As a potent antioxidant, the extract helps to neutralize free radical damage while supporting diverse immune system activities.**

As a cardiovascular ally, olive leaf extract aids in supporting blood pressure and blood glucose levels already within normal range.** Researchers have noted the plant compound’s antioxidant activity also help to support cholesterol levels already within normal range.** Further studies have shown that the nutrient encourages cognitive wellness, in part because it may make the sensitive blood-brain barrier more permeable.**

Olive Leaf Supplements

Olive leaf supplements are available in capsule, softgel, tablet or liquid form and are sometimes included in immune-supportive complex products with other herbal extracts. Some olive leaf supplements will be standardized to a certain percentage of oleuropein. These standardized olive leaf extract supplements guarantee a minimum level of the leaf’s main active ingredient is present in each serving.**

Olive Leaf Directions for Use

Talk to your health care provider prior to beginning regular supplementation with this extract. Capsules, softgels and tablets typically offer olive leaf extract dosage between 300 and 750 mg.**