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Oxygen supplements are designed to optimize cellular utilization of oxygen. Oxygen Supplements support many different aspects of overall wellness such as:**

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What are Oxygen Supplements?

Oxygen enables cellular respiration: A metabolic process that generates the life-sustaining energy that powers and maintains every organ system in the body. This gas is most widely known for being brought into the body through respiration, oxygenating the blood within the lungs, and then nourishing all tissues in the body via the arteries and capillaries. In addition to enabling energy production in each of the body’s 100 trillion cells, oxygen plays a critical role in wound healing. Some experts suggest oxygen also augments the immune system, helping to neutralize invading pathogens and bacteria.**

Oxygen therapy is often done by way of an oxygen mask, nasal tubes or hyperbaric chamber. These therapies increase oxygen availability to tissues in times of cardiovascular crisis or medical emergency, as well as in some first aid practices.**

Oxygen supplements present a far more conservative means of supporting overall wellness by optimizing oxygen absorption into the cells. Some oxygen supplements are designed to encourage delivery of oxygen and other nutrients, thereby promoting ideal energy metabolism in all of the body’s cells. These supplements are popularly used by athletes seeking to energize their workouts and achieve peak performance.**

Other oxygen supplements may leverage oxygen’s bacteria-fighting properties to support colon cleansing programs. These supplements are based on the theory that the digestive system is a low-oxygen environment where harmful bacteria thrive. By introducing oxygen into the digestive tract, these supplements are believed to boost oxygen levels – neutralizing harmful bacteria, supporting friendly bacteria, softening stools, and optimizing colon cleansing efforts.**

Oxygen Supplements

Oral oxygen supplements originate from various sources, and are widely available capsule or liquid form. Cellfood® is a popular supplement in this category; some colon cleansing supplements may also include natural compounds that support oxygen utilization.**

Oxygen Supplement Directions for Use

There is no set recommended dosage for these supplements. Always consult your health care provider before beginning any supplement regimen. Oxygen liquid supplements are diluted in water and best taken on an empty stomach for complete assimilation.**