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Phytoceramides, a key component in outer skin layers, nourish and hydrate the skin. They may reinforce epidermal structure and work to:**

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What are Phytoceramides?

Phytoceramides are fats that are sourced from plant origins, most commonly wheat. These plant-based lipids, including those found in the proprietary blend Lipowheat, have been studied extensively in recent years, mostly for their effect on skin hydration. Phytoceramide supplements are now on the cutting-edge of natural anti-aging practices, and have recently become a popular method of supporting smooth, soft, supple and youthful-looking skin.**

Skin is the body's largest organ, providing many crucial biological functions. The main lipid molecules present in the outer epidermal layer of skin are ceramides, which help to retain moisture while providing a barrier to protect skin from external elements. In fact, these lipid compounds (also known as sphingolipids) comprise approximately 40% of the natural cement-like substance that binds cells together in the epidermis. With their presence in the epidermis, ceramides also play a key role in maintaining water homeostasis – an ideal natural balance – within the skin.**

Research studies on women with dry skin found evidence that phytoceramide supplementation significantly improved skin moisture levels by reinforcing and supporting the epidermal structure. These positive research studies on ceramides were followed by FDA approval of Lipowheat as a dietary ingredient.**

In addition to supporting skin hydration, phytoceramides also foster overall epidermal health and appearance. Investigations have indicated that a lipid deficiency is associated with various skin issues, including inflammatory problems that may cause itching, flaking and scaling. Phytoceramides, in part because the compounds act as signaling molecules, may help to soothe away over-aggressive inflammation that leads to skin problems.**

Because levels of the lipids in the epidermis tend to decline with age, supplementation with ceramides helps with anti-aging practices. Studies have also shown that phytoceramides such as Lipowheat may help to maintain optimal metabolism and cognitive function, particularly during the aging process.**

Phytoceramide Supplements

Phytoceramide products supply natural lipids derived from wheat. Often available as the trademarked ingredient Lipowheat, phytoceramide supplements are offered as liquid capsules. The lipids may also be found in moisturizing creams and various cosmetic products.**

Phytoceramide Directions for Use

Prior to taking phytoceramides in supplemental form, talk to your health professional. Although Lipowheat has been granted NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) status by the FDA, there is no standard recommended amount. Supplements are commonly available in capsule doses of 350 mg.**