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Stool softener supplements maintain the water content of feces to promote smooth and easy bowel movements. Stool softener supplements work to:

  • Promote comfort during elimination**

  • Encourage healthy bowel movements**

  • Aid in easing constipation**

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What is Stool Softener?

Bowel wellness is commonly considered an indicator of overall health, and comfortable stools are frequently associated with optimal well-being. However, factors such as an imbalanced diet, insufficient fluid intake, and other health-related conditions can lead to infrequent and uncomfortable waste elimination, also known as constipation.**

Stool softener products ease the passage of feces from the body primarily by supporting its water content, allowing for less dry and rigid bowel movements. Unlike other kinds of laxatives, which generally stimulate waste elimination, these supplements make stools softer and more pliable, resulting in bowel movements that don't involve straining and discomfort. Stool softeners are especially useful for occasional constipation and situations of physical sensitivity where hard feces should be particularly avoided.**

These nutrients, which are also known as surfactants, should only be used for a short period of time and accompany a healthy diet plentiful in fruits, vegetables, fiber and lean protein, along with ample hydration. Some of the most renowned stool-softening supplements include:**

  • Senna: The foliage of this flowering tropical plant has long been used by numerous cultures to uphold bowel health. The herb features natural botanical phenols known as anthraquinones and is frequently combined with prune extract for regularity and comfortable elimination.**
  • Prune: Also known as dried plum, this fruit has been traditionally utilized as a natural method of encouraging consistent and relaxed bowel movements. Abundant in phenolic compounds, as well as soluble and insoluble fiber, prunes are popular for their stool-softening properties as dried fruit, juice and nutritional supplements.**
  • Docusate Sodium: One of the most popular stool-softening supplements, docusate sodium is a salt compound. Like other similar nutrients, it increases the amount of water that waste material absorbs in the bowels, easing its passage from the body.**
  • OxyTone: This proprietary ingredient presents an activated blend of magnesium and oxygen, combined with vitamin C to form a unique digestive-health supplement. The compound is associated with comfortable elimination and colon wellness.**
  • Licorice Root: The root of the licorice plant, this herb has been a staple of Chinese health practices for generations. The botanical nutrient contains glycyrrhizic acid, which has long been linked to digestive wellness and healthy bowel function.**

Stool Softener Supplements

Stool softener supplements are often derived from plant sources and are commonly available as softgels, capsules and tablets, as well as liquids and teas. Senna and licorice root are frequently ingredients in regularity-supporting teas.

Stool Softener Directions for Use

Seek the advice of your health care provider before taking these nutrients or starting any supplement regimen. There is no standard suggested dosage. Many products feature between 100 and 1,000 mg of botanical nutrients.**