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Sublingual formulas are an effective and convenient means of administering certain types of natural nutritional supplements. They can be:

  • Sprayed or placed under the tongue for easier delivery**
  • Recommended for those with difficulty swallowing**
  • Absorbed quickly into the body for faster action**
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What are Sublingual Formulas?

Sublingual, meaning placed under the tongue, is an effective means of delivering nutritional compounds to the body. The floor of the mouth, or the sublingual area, is more permeable than the cheek and roof of the mouth.** Here, nutrients are typically absorbed much more rapidly and completely.** Sublingual formulas can be administered by means of sprays or lozenges, with the former used for quick relief, and the latter used for longer lasting effects.

Sublingual formulas possess advantages for groups that might have difficulty with pills, such as young children, the elderly, and those with certain health needs. Lozenges and sprays may also be flavored, featuring a pleasant taste that makes them easier to take. Some of the most popular sublingual formulas include:

♦ Vitamin B-12: This vitamin is vital for supporting healthy blood cells, cognitive function and energy metabolism**. It is presented in lozenges and sprays because other delivery forms may present challenges to digestion and absorption, especially in older populations.**

♦ Elderberry lozenges: Used in jams, wines and traditional health practices, elderberries naturally contain antioxidants and immune-supportive compounds.** In lozenge form, this nutrition both nourishes the body while soothing the throat.**

♦ Zinc lozenges: An essential mineral linked to the immune system, zinc is especially popular during seasonal changes.** This mineral is presented in lozenge form to encourage compliance and enhance nutrient delivery.**

Sublingual Formula Products

Sublingual supplements originate from various sources. Liquids, sprays and lozenges are the most widely available forms of these nutrients, and may be available in tasty flavors for even easier daily use.

Directions for Use

Always consult with your trusted healthcare provider prior to adding any dietary supplement to your daily regimen. Refer to individual labels for specific directions for use.