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Vein support supplements help to maintain healthy blood vessels and circulation. These nutrients are often sourced from time-tested wellness herbs that work to:

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What are Veins?

The heart is the center of the all-important cardiovascular system, but its functioning wouldn't be possible without the arteries and veins that carry the blood that it pumps throughout the body. Arteries are the blood vessels that transport blood away from the heart, while veins return the vital fluid to the four-chambered organ. These two kinds of blood vessels are connected by a third: capillaries. The arteries bring oxygen-rich blood to the capillaries, allowing the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The capillaries then transfer waste-rich blood to the veins to be routed back to the heart.**

While arteries are thicker, stronger and less close to the body's surface, veins are thinner, function at a lower pressure and may be visible through the skin. Because veins often work against gravity to bring blood from lower extremities up to the heart, they have valves to prevent blood from flowing backwards. These crucial valves are formed by the endothelium, the inner lining of all blood vessels. Since the endothelium is in direct contact with the blood and everything circulating in it, its health, like that of the vessels themselves, is integral to overall cardiovascular wellness.**

Numerous concerns can arise about blood vessel health, particularly for those in middle age or older. These can include cholesterol buildup in the arteries, which can lead to serious cardiovascular issues. Other concerns include high blood pressure and general poor circulation, which can result in varicose veins. Although varicose veins are often not a major health concern, they involve enlarged veins, most commonly in the legs, that may appear raised along the skin in an unbecoming way. Women age 60 or older are more inclined to experience varicose veins, along with those who sit or stand for long stretches of time.**

Combined with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, vein support supplements can encourage blood vessel wellness, support general cardiovascular health and help to minimize varicose veins’ appearance.** Among the most popular vein-supportive supplements are:

  • Butcher's Broom: A low-lying shrub found in Europe and Africa, this herb has been used in wellness traditions for thousands of years. The plant is renowned for promoting healthy circulation, particularly venous integrity. It is often called upon for blood vessel issues in the legs, including varicose veins. Butcher's broom's natural compounds may beneficially constrict and reinforce blood vessels, and the herb is considered an overall tonic for vascular wellness.**
  • Horse Chestnut: Native to Europe, this tree is valued for its seed extract, which contains a saponin known as aescin. This botanical compound is linked to regulating inflammation and maintaining pliable, healthy veins.**
  • Ginkgo Biloba: An ancient tree, ginkgo biloba has long been incorporated into Chinese health practices. Historically known for encouraging optimal circulation, ginkgo has been confirmed as a vasodilator in modern times, with attention notably focused on the plant's ability to aid ideal blood flow to the brain.**
  • Gotu Kola: This herb has been used throughout Asia for centuries in numerous wellness applications. One of the key benefits associated with gotu kola is circulatory health. Research has indicated that the plant's natural triterpenoids may help to optimize blood flow, especially in the case of varicose veins.**
  • Bilberry: Also known as “European blueberry,” bilberry supplies antioxidant activity that helps support blood vessels and circulation while diminishing the appearance of varicose veins.**
  • Hawthorn: A member of the rose family, hawthorn supplies antioxidants that support diverse aspects of cardiovascular health, including circulation, cardiac energy, blood pressure balance, normal cholesterol and venous integrity.**
  • DiosVein™: This proprietary nutritional supplement contains a pair of orange-derived compounds: hesperidin and diosmin. Research has indicated that these combined flavonoids support circulatory wellness, and appear to be especially effective with varicose veins, due to their antioxidant activity and inflammation-modulating properties.**

Vein Support Supplements

Vein support supplements originate from various sources. Capsules and softgels are the most widely available forms of these supplements.

Vein Support Supplements Directions for Use

Before starting any supplement regiment for the circulatory system, always consult your health care provider. There is no set recommended dosage for these supplements. Capsules and softgels are offered in varying amounts from 40 mg to 1000 mg.**