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Vinpocetine supports brain health, energizing the organ and protecting the brain cells.** Additionally, vinpocetine can:

  • Optimizes sharp memory**

  • Support mental focus**

  • Promote cerebral blood flow**

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What is Vinpocetine?

Vinpocetine is extracted from Vinca minor, also known as periwinkle, a plant with beautiful purple-blue blooms that is often used as decorative groundcover in gardening. An alkaloid that was discovered in the 1960s, vinpocetine has since been used to help with cognitive performance and overall brain health. It is most famous for its beneficial effects on memory.**

A key constituent of this botanical extract is vincamine, which, like ginkgo biloba, acts as a vasodilator that increases blood flow to the brain. Coupled with vinpocetine's ability to cross the body's closely guarded blood-brain barrier, this cerebral circulation enhancement enables the compound to exert diverse neuroprotective effects on the brain. Research indicates that it also modulates inflammation in the brain, which reinforces its neuroprotective effects. It also possesses powerful antioxidant activity that helps to fight harmful oxidative stress in the brain and encourages cerebral oxygenation, thereby supporting energy metabolism in the brain.**

All of these benefits combine to promote brain health and cognitive performance in a number of different ways. The compound assists in promoting memory and mental focus, qualities of particular benefit to older adults. It is also commonly used to optimize learning efforts. By energizing the brain, vinpocetine may sharpen mental clarity. By protecting the brain from free radicals, it may help to promote lasting brain health and youthful cognitive function.**

Vinpocetine’s brain-supportive qualities may best be best validated by a meta-analysis that combined the results of seven different studies. Researchers found that subjects suffering from cognitive decline experienced enhanced clarity and an overall boost in mental performance after taking this compound.**

Vinpocetine Supplements

Derived from the Vinca minor plant, vinpocetine supplements have been extremely popular in Europe for many decades, but are relatively new to the U.S., having first appeared here in the 1990s.**

Vinpocetine Directions for Use

Consult with your health care provider before starting any type of nutritional supplementation. No standard vinpocetine dosage has been established, but supplements are often found in 5 mg to 30 mg doses.**