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B-100 Vitamins supply essential nutrients from the B-complex. They work to:

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What is Vitamin B-100?

B vitamins include eight essential vitamins that are often grouped together as the “B-Complex” due to their similar structure. B vitamins are mostly coenzymes, catalyzing the chemical reactions of other enzymes within the body. B vitamins have their own biochemical functions within the body, but are often taken as a complex that supplies broad-spectrum nutritional support.**

B vitamins play an active role in breaking down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. This role accounts for B vitamins’ reputation as “energy vitamins;” they enable the conversion into glucose that is burned for energy. The complex has diverse actions that support cardiovascular health, including potential roles in balancing homocysteine, blood lipids and blood sugar. The complex supports the nervous system and promotes neurotransmitter production, which may help with cognitive function and mood. The complex also includes “beautifying” vitamins that help with hair, skin and nail problems; and pregnancy vitamins that support the wellness of both mother and baby.**

B-100 vitamins are complex supplements calibrated with higher potencies of each B vitamin except for folic acid, B12 and B9, which are trace vitamins served in micrograms instead of milligrams. In supplying balanced, across-the-board 100 mg servings of the key B vitamins, B-100 supplements simplify complex supplementation, making it easier to track intake of each nutrient.**

Vitamin B-100 Directions for Use

Never begin a nutritional supplement regimen without first consulting a health care professional. Since the B-team is water soluble, these nutrients are flushed from the body on an ongoing basis, requiring steady replenishment. Typical serving sizes for the B-100 vitamins is 100 mg each of vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6, along 100 mcg each of vitamin B7 and vitamin B12, and usually around 400 mcg of vitamin B9.**