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Athletes and bodybuilders may seek to gain weight in the form of lean muscle mass. Weight gain supplements may help to support this growth in addition to:

  • Promoting lean muscle mass weight gain**

  • Optimizing post-workout muscle growth**

  • Supplying muscle-nourishing amino acids**

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What are Weight Gain Products?

With Gallup polls revealing that 35% of American adults are classified as overweight and 27% as obese, losing weight has become a national obsession. Despite this trend, there remains one demographic that is far more interested in gaining weight: Bodybuilders and athletes. For those who want to add lean muscle mass to their physiques, weight gain is a desirable outcome that may be supported by a careful diet and lifestyle that includes adequate caloric intake, nutrient-dense and protein-rich foods, protein supplements and high-intensity strength training. Sufficient sleep and recovery is also needed to optimally support anabolic muscle growth.**

To help promote lean muscle mass growth and development, bodybuilders often follow a formula suggesting daily intake of 1 gram of protein for each pound of bodyweight. This intake may be challenging, if not impossible, to achieve through diet alone. Steak, for example, supplies about 30 grams of protein in a typical six-ounce serving size (as does a single chicken breast). This means a 210-pound bodybuilder would have to consume 42 ounces of steak (or seven chicken breasts) daily to reach the commonly recommended intake for muscle growth and development. For many, this type of mass-building diet may be too expensive and inconvenient to follow every day.**

Protein shakes offer bodybuilders and athletes a convenient, easy and affordable means of hitting the high daily protein targets that best promote lean muscle mass development. Whey and casein protein supplements are efficient for bodybuilders to consume, supplying abundant protein in relation to carbohydrates and fat. Plus, these protein sources are naturally rich in amino acids, such as BCAAs, cysteine and glutamine. Proteins and amino acids promote optimal muscle metabolism, converting easily into new muscle tissues while repairing and supporting existing muscles.**

During strength training, weightlifting causes microscopic tears in muscle fibers. After gym sessions, when the athlete is at rest, the body works to repair his or her muscles. This muscle repair is most pronounced during the “anabolic” growth and development phase of sleep. Amino acids found in protein are the “raw materials” the body uses to rebuild muscle tissues during anabolic phases. If there are not enough amino acids available, the body is unable to repair micro-tears – and the potential mass-building benefits of weight training are negated for that particular recovery cycle.**

With sufficient protein and amino acids, however, the body has materials to rebuild damaged muscle fibers. This repair process builds muscles that are larger and stronger over time, advancing the goals of bodybuilders seeking to “bulk up” with desirable lean mass weight gain. As a bonus, protein and amino acids serve as a valuable energy source, and have been associated with enhanced gym performance in some research.**

Weight Gain Supplements

Weight gain supplements often include protein powder supplements that can be mixed into shakes. Whey protein supplements are favored before, during and immediately after workouts. This is because whey is a fast-digesting protein source that is ushered quickly into muscle tissue to power workouts. Casein protein supplements are typically taken at night. Casein is a slow-digesting protein source that acts as a natural “sustained-release” formula, nourishing muscles throughout the sleep cycle for optimal anabolic growth. Some protein supplements may combine whey and casein proteins into one powder for around-the-clock muscle nourishment.**

Weight Gain Supplements Directions for Use

Protein supplements are often presented in canisters or bags that include a scoop that is used for dosing. A single protein powder serving may range from one to four scoops. Bodybuilders seeking to gain weight often strive to consume one gram of protein for each pound of their body weight daily; although some may seek to consume as much as 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight daily.**