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Witch hazel is sourced from the leaves and bark of a deciduous shrub. Native Americans have used witch hazel herb in wellness traditions for generations for its benefits that can include:

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What is Witch Hazel?

Witch hazel is a botanical extract derived from the bark and leaves of its namesake shrub (Hamamelis virginiana). Originating in North America, the plant has been used for centuries by various Native American tribes, who believed it could aid in a wide range of wellness issues, most notably encouraging healthy skin and in poultices to bring relief to inflammation and swelling. The Mohegans even valued the branches as divining rods to find water sources.**

Modern science has found that witch hazel is a significant astringent that gently tightens the skin. This quality is largely attributed to its high levels of tannins, including hamamelitannin, which have considerable antioxidant activity. It also has soothing, inflammation-modulating qualities. These properties have reinforced the plant's traditional use and led to its prominence in skin care. The FDA has approved the plant as a skin protectant that is available in many topical beauty products. Witch hazel is used to assist with bruising, insect bites, sunburn and other skin irritations. It is also popularly used as a skin cleanser, toner and antiseptic; it is an effective make-up remover as well.**

Its astringent properties bring soothing relief to discomfort related to hemorrhoids; it is a popular active ingredient in creams, gels and pads designed for this issue. The same astringent properties that assist with hemorrhoids have been used to help ease varicose veins as well.**

In addition to soothing irritated skin, the extract has been studied for antibacterial and antiviral attributes that make it an effective cleanser. Often combined with various other botanicals, it is frequently a key ingredient in skin toners and creams. Although it is primarily used topically, the plant has also been utilized internally as an overall wellness tonic.**

Witch Hazel Products

Witch hazel products are extracted from the foliage and bark of the Hamamelis virginiana shrub. They are often available in liquid form, particularly as a toner, and may be an ingredient in skin creams and soaps. Other botanicals, such as aloe vera, lavender and rose, may be blended with the extract for a combined astringent and moisturizing effect on the skin. The plant is occasionally found in capsule form for internal use.**

Witch Hazel Directions for Use

Consult with your health care provider before ingesting this botanical extract or beginning any routine supplementation. No specific dosage has been set, but individual capsules are typically 400 mg.**